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Bellows Blown Smallpipes

Bellows are not necessarily included in the pictures, but obviously provided with.

African Blackwood – concave model A
full cane reeds
€1,690 Euro

Nickel ferrules, boxwood rings

African Blackwood – convex model B
(ring style)
full cane reeds

Boxwood ferrules and “stick&plate” rings
brass ferrules on stocks
*please note that double ferrules on common stock (as shown in the picture) will cost additional €50

Ebony Smallpipes (key of C) Montgomery (inspired) design
full cane reeds

Boxwood ferrule and mount
Four drone Boxwood

Boxwood A & D Combo set
convex model A
full cane reeds
4 drones (A/D/a/d), nickel ferrules and plum rings
My set

African Blackwood – concave model C

full cane reeds
€2,025 Euro
Nickel ferrules, Bocote mounts with boxwood rings
“stick&plate” rings

Boxwood – convex model B – special design
full cane reeds

ca. €1,850
Brass ferrules, blackwood full mounts and mini rings above ferrules
* Price may vary individually