Me n Clembo 4Frequently Asked Questions

Waiting time
Our current lead time is around 2 years. This may vary slightly between timbers, the key, any other special wishes. We would be able to offer you more precise information upon ordering.
We normally do not take deposits. The total cost must be paid in full before dispatch of the instrument from our workshop. For other arrangements, please contact us.
Paying method
Payment can be made with bank transfer or Paypal. We can not accept cheques or credit cards.  
Mouth blown or bellows blown
It is down to personal choice whether you wish to play mouth blown or bellows pipes. That said, it is also advisable to take into account the choice over cane or plastic reeds as these reeds of different materials sound different. In a nutshell, cane reeds are generally louder and sound ‘warmer’ than plastic reeds.
Mouth blown pipes have plastic chanter reeds and composite drone reeds, and bellows blown pipes can be fitted with either cane or plastic reeds. (more info below in plastic or cane reeds).
Another feature of bellows blown might be that it allows you to sing (or sip a drink!) whilst playing.
Plastic reeds or cane reeds
Mouth blown pipes deal with much more moisture and heat issues than bellows blown pipes as a result of the player blowing warm air into the instrument. For that reason, plastic reeds are used to make mouth blown smallpipes more stable and reliable as the material is less susceptible to moisture and temperature change than cane.

We only provide cane reeds with bellows blown pipes. That is because bellows blown pipes or cauld wind pipes have little issues with moisture so the cane reeds can remain much more settled in the instrument.
Cane reeds tend to be louder in volume than plastic reeds, but have a warmer and fuller tone. They would require somewhat more regular playing than plastic reeds, but the experience is well worth it!

Other service
We offer other bagpipe related services such as tying in a new bag, repair or refurbishing. Please contact us to discuss how we could be of your help.