In alphabetical order

Jackie Boyce
One of the finest pipe bag makers. He has successfully retired but Jackie’s successor is keeping the tradition now. They provide quality leather bags for all kinds of bagpipes.


Grant Milne
An incredible musician who plays with Glousebeater Sound System and Toridon.
He helped develop this website as well. Grant plays our C smallpipes in boxwood.

Grousebeater Sound System:

Ryan Murphy
An outstanding Uilleann piper and flautist who is a double winner of the Oireachtas contest and also holds 7 All-Ireland titles. Ryan plays Masaki’s Uilleann pipe chanter reed. You can hear the sound from the two bands he plays with.


Andreas Rogge
One of the leading makers of Uilleann pipes as well as other bagpipes such as French Bechonnet and berrychonne. He has been producing high-quality bagpipes for over 30 years.