This refers to what is visible on your set. The design of the finished instrument is solely down to what you wish the instrument to look like and does not change the tone or sound of your instrument.
To help you decide on the shape of the bagpipe we have provided some pictures of the different finishing on the pipes.

Two different kinds of finish applied to the drones

Concave finish applied to the dronesConcave Design Boxwood


Boxwood: Smallpipes in A
with plum ring and nickel ferrule

Concave close up

Featuring a convex finishConvex finish in Ebony C


Ebony: Smallpipes in C
with boxwood ring and ferrule


Various ornament rings and other design examples

This set features double rings on drone tops, and tiny blackwood rings above ferrulesLignum 2

Lignum Vitae: Scottish smallpipes in A
Tagwa nut and blackwood rings, nickel ferrules

Mother of pearl fitted to the common stockMother of Pearl w Boxwood

Boxwood: Scottish smallpipes in C
Blackwood and nickel ferrules
A/D smallpipes combo setFour drone Boxwood

Boxwood: Scottish smallpipes with two chanters (A & D) and four drones.
Plum rings, nickel ferrules

Inspired by the Montgomery set from the 18th century

18th C_style design new

Ebony: Scottish smallpipes in C
Boxwood mounts and ferrules

Regardless of design, all our pipes are hand turned on the lathe, and the surface treatment is done to the same quality. As said above, design makes no change to the sound of the instrument and is purely cosmetic. It really is down to personal taste what shape you would prefer.

It will be your instrument for a number of years (we hope), so it is important that your set appeals to you not only acoustically but also visually. We are also keen to hear your wishes if you would like to customise your set even more.


In stock, we have the following timbers;
African Blackwood, Ebony, European Boxwood and Plum. In the past, we have made sets with Cocobolo, Olive and Walnut. These timbers can be arranged but may be subject to surcharge as we do not keep constant stock of these.

Before & After: Boxwood smallpipe drones on a boxwood log

For ornamentation (mounts and rings), we have additional timbers that can be chosen from;
Faux ivory, Bocote, Bahia Rosewood, Tagua nut (ivory palms).
These materials are less suitable for the main timber of an instrument due to various issues (i.e. density of wood, size of the material) yet perfect for decoration.

Ebony C with Bahia close up

Ebony C smallpipes with Tulip wood (Bahia rosewood)

Ferrules can be chosen from nickel, German silver or brass. Gold plating on brass as well as silver plating on German silver ferrules can be arranged. Please note that the cost varies depending on the market price of precious metal and number and size of metal rings used for an instrument.
If preferred, ferrules can also be made in wood or faux ivory.