Sets in stock/making


Sets below are being produced or are nearing completion without a specific owner.
You would have a shorter waiting period than a made to order set, but less or little customising can be made.

Scottish Smallpipes/Boxwood in the key of A - bellows blown
Full mounts and top rings in plum, with nickel ferrules. Convex design/ Scottish chanter/ 3 drones (a,D/E,A) Bellows made from cherry boards and brass studs.  ca. 5-6 months waiting time. € 1,780-
Scottish Smallpipes/Ebony in the key of A with 4th high E drone- bellows blown
The set is now reserved and no longer available. (with boxwood full mounts and top rings, boxwood ferrules. A complete wooden set. Convex design/ Scottish chanter/ 4 drones (e,a,D/E,A)
Bellows of choice.  ca. 5-6 months waiting time. € 1,950-)