Border pipes

Warm and robust

Border pipes are available as bellows blown only.

Our Border pipes are available in the key of A. The scale is exactly like our Scottish smallpipes (but an octave above), which is A mixolydian.
However, with the use of different fingerings (i.e. cross fingering), other notes such as C and F naturals can be incorporated into your playing. This expands the possibilities playing in other scales and enables you to play a tune like King George IV’s strathspey.

We offer different drone configurations.

  • A-a-e (bass, tenor and alto drone) this is our standard configuration
  • A-a-a (bass and two tenors) just like the highland bagpipes
  • A-a-d (bass, tenor and baritone) with D baritone, but without a high 5th (alto E)

4 drone Border pipes would be possible as well, but please discuss with us first.