Our Instruments

Each set is tailor made

Triple boxwood setsto the requirements of the individual. From the initial choice of matching wood blanks to ensure a uniform colour throughout the bagpipe, to the arduous tuning and ‘playing-in’ process that all our instruments go through before we are happy to provide you with the finished product, we take the highest care in all steps of the making process.

Our goal is to produce instruments that are a joy to play (and listen to!) and bring years of pleasure to the owner. We want to create instruments that look unique and can be tailored both in appearance and design to the owner’s requirements. Like traditional bagpipe makers, we strive to create instruments that will be played for 100 of years to come and stand the test of time.

The past few decades have seen a considerable revival of bagpipe music not only in the UK and Ireland, but all across Europe. As a result, varieties of bagpipes are being played all over the world now. In a small possible way that we can, we would like to think that pipe making is our contribution to the living tradition (or rather a ‘thriving’ tradition) and subsequently the musical community as a whole.